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Mission Statement

Bringing Hope, Loving People, and Empowering People to know God.

Vision Statement

The vision of New Hope Christian Center is “To Be A Beacon Light Of Hope To Many” through the following methods:

 SPREAD the Gospel of Jesus Christ through various means.

ESTABLISH the principles of the Word of God to all that will receive it.

EMPOWER and equip believers on how to live a victorious lifestyle.

ENCOURAGE believers to claim all the promises of God as heirs of the Kingdom of God.

INFLUENCE our community, and surrounding communities in a positive way to help others.

CREATE an atmosphere to experience the presence of God.

EQUIP people so they can serve God and others.

EMPOWER people so they can discover their divine purpose in God.

EVANGELIZE the world so that others can be reconciled to God.

FOCUS on the family to build strong families of purpose.

UNITED for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom agenda.

COMMITTED to restore hope and faith in God and His Word to all mankind.

DEDICATED to discipleship whereby people can become a positive force in the world.